Showroom Refurbishment Blog

28/08/2015 We're Open!

Showroom Fittings Showroom Fittings

At last our showroom is all finished and ready to show off to everyone.

Showroom Exterior Showroom Exterior

Feel free to pop in over the next few days and have a look at everything we have to offer - you'll not be disappointed

Showroom Exterior

See you all soon...

12/08/2015 Nearing the end of the Refurbishment...

Showroom Fittings Showroom Fittings

Well here we go, only a few more days to go and the signage and furniture is being built and put into place - doesn't it look fantastic!

Showroom Exterior

Keep an eye out for our official opening night - all will be revealed soon!

21/07/2015 Nearing the end of July...

Showroom Tiles

Well that's the tiles going down now - what a difference already!

Showroom Interior

It's looking more and more ready every day - not much longer to wait thankfully!

Silbury Select

Silbury Select is all stocked and ready to go - come down and grab your bargains today!

04/07/2015 The progress into the first week of July...

Silbury Select

That's all the fencing up for the new 'Silbury Select' area. Just waiting for the tarmac on Tuesday then the line marking on Wednesday... it's due to be open on Friday!!

Showroom Interior

The painting has just started in the showroom. - The 'highlight wall' is now ready.

Showroom Interior

Heating all finished and the plastering nearly finished. - That's all the windows in and the sliding handover bay door done.

16/06/2015 Internal work to begin soon...

Showroom Exterior

Starting to look like a showroom again - from the outside anyway!

Showroom Interior

The internal work is now well underway - dry lining and heating almost done.

09/06/2015 Great progress going into week 2 of June!

That's the cladding going on and I'm told it'll be finished this week along with the glazing going in!

That's the cladding going on and I'm told it'll be finished this week along with the glazing going in!

Another New Development

Who wants to choose from a selection of over 60 used cars of various makes? Watch this space!

05/06/2015 The Concrete Floor complete... plus another exciting development for Silbury!

The Concrete floor is put down

Here comes the cement delivery - it took six off these!

That's the floor just about done now

Another New Development

Look out for our other development - coming soon is our super all makes used car area being built at the back of the garage.
- more information to follow...

01/06/2015 The progress on the first day of summer

Steel work begins

Well that's the roof in place now.

Steel work begins

The hard core has been put in and levelled - just waiting for the concrete now that comes on Wednesday.

The damp course brick work is all in place - it'll be all go with the glazing next!

19/05/2015 The Steel Work Begins

Steel work begins

What a difference a day makes - the steel only arrived yesterday and look at it now!

18/05/2015 The old signage away and the showroom looking rather naked!

Stripping out process

As you can see in the first two photos the work is progressing well and the signage and facias have been removed

Opening up the North side of the showroom

Here you can see the North side of the showroom all stripped and ready for the extension. Also the huge crane in place ready for all the steelwork that is coming this morning. It is like a huge Meccano kit ready to be bolted together - they tell me the entire framework will be up by the weekend!

Everything remains business as usual for sales, service, and parts. In fact we are selling more cars than ever - maybe we're giving them away! Look out for our special Skoda Sales Event from 4th June to 9th June - we are about to send out information to you all about this'

Just a little note about parking - when you call in to see us just drive ahead at the entrance barrier into the compound as that is our temporary car park

18/04/2015 Showroom Refurbishment - Stage one, our new home

So this is the beginning of our Showroom refurbishment. This will be our home for the next 4 months but that will not effect our service to you... its Business as usual. Keep an eye on our website for up to date photographs of the work as it progresses.

We will be keeping you up to date with a regularly updated blog. More information available soon

Temorary offices arrive